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With over a decade in experience, Gemstone, born in Elkhart, IN, has been growing into a serious solid surface manufacturer. Having roots in the fabrication side of the business, Gemstone understands what it takes to make sinks fabricators want. For the past three years, Gemstone has listened to designers, architects, owners, and fabricators and has completely revamped its products to include a complete line of Universal Design, ADA, commercial, and residential sinks for nearly every application.





If you don't see what you need, call us!  We are thinking of new innovative designs everyday and one may work for you or for as few as 100 sinks, your custom inspiration may become a reality at very affordable prices.

Gemstone is the manufacturer, producing the best performing solid surface sink the business.  How do we know?  Because we are constantly testing and improving our sinks with a full lab equipped with test equipment such as a thermal cycler, QUV machine, tensile tester, Spectrophotometer, and much more so we can offer you only the best.

Gemstone provides you with the nicest finish in the business, our sinks are flat and true and ready to install with locator marks. Gemstone makes fabricators' jobs easier with contemporary designs, commercial and universal designs, as well as help with recommended router bit information, DXF cutout information, and location for ADA design help. Gemstone also helps fabricators by reducing their waste providing multi-packs for vanities and packaging that is 100% recyclable because Gemstone is committed to a healthier environment.

It is our desire to provide not only the best quality solid surface sinks in the industry, but also to provide the best value, with the best lead times.  Because Gemstone sinks are made in the USA, you will never have to worry about delays because your sinks are stuck at the border, or in the port.  Gemstone can make and ship your made-to-order sinks quicker than anyone else saving time and money. We are here to serve.  Call Gemstone today if you have any questions- 877-233-7893, or contact us at

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